EXCITING NEWS!  We have launched a 24-7 conference call so that 
YOU can pray alongside with others during your shift for life.
This prayer room is for those praying for the abortion issue specifically.

May 24, 2020


The Justice Wall is opening a 24-7 online prayer room for LIFE with 26 hours that have structured leadership.  The number of hours with leadership is increasing every week, so check back often.

At any time of day you can simply click on a link, enter the room and if others are there you can pray alongside with them for life.


At most times the room will simply be "drop in" and spontaneous.


Please join with us to turn the tide and save lives through prayer.


Our goal is to make the Life Room 24-7.  We need more prayer leaders to make this happen.  If you are interested in applying to lead an hour in prayer (or more) please e-mail laverne@justicewall.com. Thank you for helping us get the Life Room 24-7. 



  • Sun: 12:01am EST - Led by Jo-Ann S.

  • Sun: 6pm EST - Led by Andrea R.

  • Sun: 11pm EST - Led by Barbara T.


  • Tues: 12:01am EST - Led by Renata F.

  • Tues: 11am EST - Led by Laureen H.

  • Tues: Noon EST - Led by Linda M.

  • Tues: 5pm EST - Led by Cathy W.

  • Tues: 6pm EST - Led by Cathy W.

  • Tues: 7pm EST - Led by Krista H.


  • Thurs: 9am EST - Led by Randy J.

  • Thurs: Noon EST - Led by Maureen H.

  • Thurs: 1pm EST - Led by Theresa G.

  • Thurs:  11pm EST - Led by AJ R.


  • Sat: 1pm EST - Led by Marie W.


  • Mon: 11am EST - Led by Kathie R.

  • Mon: 4pm EST - Led by Karen Y.

  • Mon: 5pm EST - Led by Mary H.

  • Mon: 6pm EST - Led by Bonnie G.

  • Mon: 7pm EST - Led by Theresa C.

  • Mon: 11pm EST - Led by Barbara T.


  • Wed: 6am EST - Led by Cheryl N.

  • Wed 10am EST - Led by Scott G.

  • Wed: 11am EST - Led by Rob & Fran P.

  • Wed: 1pm EST - Led by Faytene G.

  • Wed: 2pm EST - Led by Lorne F.

  • Wed: 10pm EST - Led by Laurie & Jordie B.

  • Wed: 11pm EST - Led by Isabel S.


  • Fri: 9am EST - Led by Laverne K.

  • Fri: 11am EST - Led by Brenda V.

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